PT Product Warranty, Terms and Conditions of Sale

Load Cells, Displays and Weighing Components.

If you have a problem with a load cell, digital indicator, or weighing component,
PT will replace or repair any product found by PT to be defective in materials or workmanship within the warranty period, subject to our standard Terms and Conditions and requires proof of purchase by the original purchaser. Our extended three-year warranty is limited to specific products.

To lodge either a standard or extended warranty claim on line please Click Here to log into your account and complete a proof of purchase form Warranty Proof of Purchase Form.
If you have issues accessing your account please contact your PT sales representative.Contact PT

Making a claim.

If you have a problem with one of our products that you feel is a defect please log into your account and complete the Proof of Purchase. You should have available the model and serial number of the product in question together with a contact name and phone number and a description of the problem. Once we have validated your claim we will provide you a Warranty Activation Number. This is our confirmation that the product complies with our conditions to claim Warranty and your claim can proceed to the next stage. We ask that you quote this Warranty number for all matters relating to this claim. This will help us track your claim. Please do not send us the product until we ask you to as further discussion may make return unnecessary.

What happens next

Sometimes the fault can be fairly easily resolved by email or over the phone and return of the goods will not be required, so one of our technical experts may contact you. If we cannot resolve the issue in this way we may ask you to send the product to one of our repair stations, (we will tell you which one and give you the address). This will be at your freight cost. Please include the warranty number and a description of the problem with the product when you send it to us.

When we receive your item we will investigate the problem and its likely cause and notify you. Once we accept the fault will be covered under the terms of our warranty we will either repair or replace your product and return it to you.

What if we decline the warranty

Unfortunately there are circumstances where we may decline the warranty. In this case we will advise you and offer a repair, replacement or a return without further work. This will be at your cost for our current inspection fee, labour charges, parts charges and any freight costs that may be incurred.

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Making a warranty claim
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